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STRESS on the Inside

STRESS on the Inside
If you wish to stop the hands of time as well as accomplish weight loss, … something has to GO!

Yes, STRESS is the culprit that we must banish to reduce inflammation and turn off an overactive immune system. Stress causes weight gain. Stress can push your weakest system into a breakdown. And stress comes in four flavors -

* Biochemical stress which can be simple poisoning, the effect of pesticides, insecticides, lead, fluoride, mercury, and as is often the case, the absence of essential nutrients, otherwise known as malnutrition.
* Emotional stress can occur from unfortunate one time incidents or it can be a continual day-in, day-out stress such as from a bad work situation or a rough relationship. Financial pressures around the holidays are infamous stressors. People pressures from family members or loved ones can add up to immune breakdown, or may catalyze activation of a so-called “disease”.
* Bio-mechanical stress is what happens when you take a fall, are bumped in a fender bender, or constantly sit or walk in a poor posture.
* Electromagnetic stress comes from our environment being too full of cell phones, televisions, computers, electric motors, transformers, microwave ovens, …it goes on and on.

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L-Theanine (90 caps)Vitamin B12, Methylcobalamin, 5,000 mcg Sublingual Liquid  4 oz.
Reduce feelings of stress and increase relaxation without daytime grogginess...
Price: $24.95
120mL, 4fl oz

Vitamin B12 works in blood and nerve cells.* Neurological function, such as brain, spinal and optic nerves, and proper blood cell functioning require vitamin B12.* For the heart, vitamin B12 helps...
Price: $32.95
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