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Somnaprin - Sleep Aid by Lazarus Labs (60 Tablets)

Somnaprin - Sleep Aid by Lazarus Labs (60 Tablets)
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An often dismissed effect of today’s hurried, stress filled world is a lack of sleep. A number of studies have linked sleep deficits with poor work performance, anger and depression. Even more serious is the growing list of health risks that have been linked to lack of sleep, including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even obesity. If you are among the many who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders, you owe it to yourself to try Somnaprin now!

  • Fall asleep quickly
  • Effective and safe
  • No side effects
  • No prescription needed

Many people turn to prescription drugs in an effort to combat insomnia or other sleep disorders. While such medications prove helpful to many, there are side effects that can occur, including withdrawal symptoms. Now there is new hope. Somnaprin a new product designed to produce the sleep aid effects of prescription medications. Somnaprin is a pharmacological compound that is the most effective anxiety and safe sleep aid formula available today without a prescription.

Proprietary formulation: *950 mg. Phenibut, Theanine, magnesium citrate, 5 HTP, and melatonin.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION STATS & FACTS Sleep is as important to your health as a healthy diet and regular exercise. Insomnia can affect you both mentally and physically. Insomnia itself is not life threatening, but it can increase the risk of accidents, psychiatric problems, and certain medical conditions, negatively affect school and work performance, and significantly interfere with quality of life. Lack of sleep can cause or contribute to:

Weight gain and obesity.

Increased Risk of Accidents: Sleepiness increases the risk for motor vehicle accidents. Studies indicate that drowsy driving is as risky as drunk driving.

Poor Quality of Life: Surveys show that people with severe insomnia have a quality of life that is almost as poor as those who have chronic conditions, such as heart failure. Daytime sleepiness can lead to decreased energy, irritability, mistakes at work and school, and poorer relationships.

Impaired Thinking and Performance: Studies suggest that insomnia makes it harder to concentrate and perform tasks. Deep sleep deprivation impairs the brain's ability to process information and reduces concentration. Sleep deprivation induces significant reductions in performance and alertness. Reducing your nighttime sleep by as little as one and a half hours for just one night could result in a reduction of daytime alertness by as much as 32%.

Mood Disorders: Although stress and depression are major causes of insomnia, insomnia may also increase the activity of the hormones and pathways in the brain that can produce emotional problems. Research indicates that chronic insomnia can increase the risk of developing depression and anxiety. Even modest alterations in waking and sleeping patterns can have significant effects on a person's mood. In both children and adults, the combination of insomnia and daytime sleepiness can produce more severe depression than either condition alone.

Memory and Cognitive Impairment: Decreased alertness and excessive daytime sleepiness impair your memory and your cognitive ability --your ability to think and process information.

Relationship Stress: Disruption of a bed partner's sleep due to a sleep disorder may cause significant problems for the relationship, separate bedrooms, conflicts, moodiness, etc.

Occupational Injury: Excessive sleepiness also contributes to a greater than twofold higher risk of sustaining an occupational injury.

Automobile Injury: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates conservatively that each year drowsy driving is responsible for at least 100,000 automobile crashes, 71,000 injuries, and 1,550 fatalities.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

** IMNatural Customer Service Representatives are not licensed health care providers and therefore cannot prescribe or recommend products by law.

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