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Phentramin-D: What’s All the Hype?

Phentramin-D is a weight-loss product that has been very effective since it hit the market in the early part of this century. It increases your metabolism and your energy levels without giving you the jitters. It is more effective than many other popular diet products. The hype about Phentramin-D is that it will give you similar, and in most cases, better results that the prescription drug Phentermine. It suppresses your appetite and enables you to lose weight quickly and easily without harmful side effects.

Let's compare these two products. Both will:

• Suppress appetite
• Encourage weight loss
• Increase energy
• Speed up metabolism

However, results from taking Phentramin-D are much better in these following four areas: stronger appetite suppressant, more weight loss, and more energy.

Differences between these two products include:

• Is much safer
• Actually burns fat
• Does not need a prescription to purchase
• Does not contain these potentially dangerous ingredients: citrus aurantium, cha de bugre, chromium, ephedra, hoodia, or yohimbe.

• Can cause harmful side effects that may include high blood pressure and difficulty sleeping.
• Requires a prescription so it can not be bought online.
• Does not have any ingredients to actually burn fat.

Phentramin-D is more effective than these popular weight loss products: Alli, Acai Berry, Hydroxycut, and Lipofuze. Average weight loss results are between 2 and 6 pounds a week with many customers reporting even more pounds lost. Weight loss is caused by several factors. These include fat burning, increasing energy, and suppressing appetite, which can cause you to eat less and to eat healthier.

Fat Burning - The ingredients in Phentramin-D send certain signals to your body. These signals instruct the fat cells to break down so the fat melts away. Increasing Energy - If you have more energy, you will not feel like you need to eat to get energy. Also, with increased energy comes feeling good which can help you stick to a healthy eating plan.

Suppressing Appetite - Higher energy levels will help suppress your appetite. You won't reach for fatty foods and can replace them with nutritious foods. Eating less calories and healthier food will lead to weight loss.

Phentramin-D is a safe and very effective replacement for the drug Phentermine. It is a proprietary formulation of 1,3 - Dimethyl-pentylamine-hydrochloride and 1,3,7 - Trimethylxanthine and comes in tablet form. It offers a prescription strength formula without harmful substances.

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