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Intensive Spa Therapy Foot Butter - 3.5 oz.

Intensive Spa Therapy Foot Butter - 3.5 oz.
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Product Description

This all-natural emollient is a therapeutic blend of nutrient rich organic oils specifically selected to restore smoothness and suppleness to cracked feet.

We use no water or refined vegetable oils in this formulation.   Water is quickly absorbed into dry skin, where it temporarily expands the tissues and makes the skin feel smoother.   This is only transitory.   As soon as the water evaporates or is carried away by the blood stream, dry skin returns.

Besides water, many lotions contain refined vegetable oils that lack natural protective antioxidants.   Oils without antioxidants may accelerate skin aging and promote skin cancer because the body converts refined oils into free radicals.

How to Use

Apply liberally to warm moist skin.   Emollients form a protective barrier, sealing in moisture


Organic coconut oil, organic golden jojoba oil, organic Castor bean oil, wildcrafter candelilla wax, rosemary antioxidant oil, and natural vitamin E oil.

How many applications

Each 3.5 ounce jar contains 15 to 25 applications.

What to expect

Jojoba oil is the substance chemically closest to the sebum oil produced naturally by the skin.   This makes it one of the most permeable oils.   This superior absorption property makes the skin much softer and smoother.   Rich in Gadoleic fatty acids, which are especially known for their astringent and anti-bacterial properties

Castor bean oil has a long history of impressive skin benefits.   It penetrates deeply into the Stratum Corneum of the epidermis where it increases lymph flow, aiding in the removal of toxins.   It's main constituent, ricineleic acid, makes it an excellent anti-inflammatory.

Each box includes an insert with more information and a mail in rebate coupon.   Each jar comes with a personal spatula.

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