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HCG Plus from hcgRevival

HCG Plus from hcgRevival NO LONGER AVAILABLE
HCG Plus from hcgRevival NO LONGER AVAILABLEHCG Plus from hcgRevival NO LONGER AVAILABLE
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DUE TO FDA Pressure - HOMEOPATHIC HCG IS NO LONGER BEING MANUFACTURED and IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. WE suggest the HCG ULTRA which is a non-hormone formula of Herbs.

2 oz. Oral HCG Plus Drops or Pellets - include homeopathic HCG.

The 2 oz. oral HCG Plus drops or Pellets: For those wanting to lose between 15 and 40 pounds. The HCG hormone kicks up the metabolism – literally sculpting the body, losing inches as well as pounds!
2 oz. Bottle homeopathic, oral (sub-lingual) hCG Plus
1 Measuring dropper

or: 1 oz (480 Pellets) 40 Day supply.

The HCG Diet is here and better than ever!

We’ve taken hCG and made it better! hCG Plus has added support for controlling hunger, improving digestion, supporting the endocrine system, regulating appetite, normalizing metabolism, with a mild diuretic to help shed water weight faster.

  • No injections required. Simple homeopathic hCG drops under tongue
  • Lose 1-2 pounds per day
  • No Hunger on the hCG diet
  • Exercise is not needed
  • hCG resets your hypothalamus so that your weight reduction is lasting
  • hCG will re-sculpt your body so that you don’t have flabbies after your
    magnificent reduction!
  • hCG is safe for women and men!

Why People Use The HCG Diet To Lose Weight!

Most people have dieted over and over again, sometimes they see success and sometimes they go several weeks without losing a single pound, and getting more frustrated the longer they are on the diet. Now what if you could see and feel the results of your weight loss program on a daily basis? Wouldn’t that be diet we have all been searching for? A diet plan that delivers you the results and healthy feeling you’re expecting and wanting. Well that diet is here and it is called the HCG Diet.

What Can I Expect From The HCG Diet?

Losing weight with HCG has been seen as the the fastest solution to lose weight without having to sacrifice your health and metabolism. When on the HCG diet your body is able to burn 2.500 to 3,000 calories a day allowing you to drop one pound to two pounds a day on average. Imagine 4 weeks from now weighing 15 or even 40 lbs less then you do now! The HCG Diet is the most effective non surgical way to lose weight. Normally with rapid weight loss people experience more muscle loss then fat loss, which can result in sagging or loose skin. However, with HCG you will maintain your muscle mass and reduce the unwanted fat from your hard to reach places. It truly is the simplest way to shed unwanted weight. Millions of people have tried the HCG diet and have experienced the success and satisfaction in reaching their weight loss goals.

Buy HCG Online and start your Journey to living a healthier life today.

Why Buy Your HCG From Us?

People can purchase HCGon multiple web sites, but you want to make sure you are getting Real HCG that is effective, and from a site that gives you the support you need to succeed with your weight loss goals. At IMNatural we only sell the best and highest quality of HCG available on the market, insuring you with the best experience possible and the ability to reach your ideal weight, fast and easy!

Reasons Why People Buy Sub-lingual HCG.

  • • NO INJECTIONS NEEDED!! (All of the benefits with none of the pain)
  • • This is the same HCG diet that doctors charge $700 for!
  • • Lose 1-2 pounds per day!
  • • No Hunger on the HCG diet!
  • • No Exercise needed To Lose Weight!
  • • Reset your Metabolism - So your weight loss lasts!
  • • Re-sculpt your body with HCG and get your magnificent weight reduction now!
  • • HCG is proven to be safe for men and women!
  • HCG Diet Products

    HCG Drops

    HCG drops are made up of very high quality ingredients to help you with your weight loss goals, HCG drops are fast and easy to take with only 10 drops taken 3 times a day.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    ** IMNatural Customer Service Representatives are not licensed health care providers and therefore cannot prescribe or recommend products by law.

    Arginine 3x, 12x 30x
    L-Carnitine 3x, 12x 30x
    Ornithine 3x 12x, 30x
    Human Chorionic Gonadotopin (hCG) 6x, 12xd 30x 60x
    43 Day Supply:
    Adults 10 drops, 3 times per day or as directed by a health care professional. Place drops under the tongue.
    The HCG diet has changed my life for the better,and maybe even have saved it!! I was 353 pounds bfore I stated i,highly depressed,and hating life. I started my 1st round o October 6th,and finished in December,and lost 58 ponds. I’m nering the end of the 45 days of phase 2 of my 2nd round now,and am down a totl of 90 pounds as of today. I now weigh 263 pounds,looking great,and feeling great!! It’s literally gave me my life back!!
    Lennis W

    As of today i’ve lost 30.2lbs. that’s a lot, but i need to loose over 150, and i know that the heavier you are the quicker it comes off at the beginning. i sure do appreciate all the help you’ve given me. things have gone great–almost never hungry and plenty of energy. i.ve only had one cheat, which didn’t seem to slow my loss at all, and seeing those pounds go off every day sure keeps a girl on the right path
    Susan D

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