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Why You Need CoQ 10 Supplements

Co enzyme Q10 is a fat soluble substance that is a major player in our body’s production of energy. It is present in every single cell in our body and is necessary for each cell to function properly. Our blood takes nutrients to our cells so they can use them for energy. The food is converted into ATP, which is the energy molecule. The ATP is transported to where it is needed so CoQ 10 is responsible for the flow of energy in our body.


Here are some of the main benefits of having the necessary amount of CoQ 10 in our bodies:

• Strengthens the immune system
• Improves heart function
• Maintains normal cholesterol levels
• Keeps good cholesterol from oxidizing
• Regulates blood pressure
• Helps to control and regulate blood sugar and blood pH levels
• Increases energy
• Makes sleeping more restful and improves sleep disorders

Symptoms of Deficiency

Since CoQ 10 is essential for our body to work, problems develop when our cells do not have enough of it. Deficiency symptoms include:

Oral health problems: A deficiency will contribute to the development of periodontal disease.

Cardio vascular problems: Heart muscles need a lot of energy to do their job. A deficiency in these muscles leads to weakness and heart disease and blood pressure is also affected.

Metabolic rate: Your rate of metabolism is how fast food is converted to energy and a deficiency can hinder this process.

Memory loss: Insufficient levels can affect brain function and impair memory.

Vision problems: Many problems with eye health can be helped with supplementation.

Sources of Co Enzyme Q10

The best food source of CoQ 10 is beef and specifically beef heart is the highest, liver is second, and then comes kidneys and sardines. A lot of people do not like any of these so it is difficult or impossible to get enough in your diet for your needs.

For example, you would have to eat three pounds of sardines every day to get a sufficient amount. This is why many choose to add CoQ10 supplements to their daily regimen. Co Q 10 supplements will ensure that the levels in your body will support all your body’s systems and you will have optimum health. The two forms of supplemental Co enzyme Q10 are Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone. Our bodies cannot use Ubiquinone until it is turned into Ubiquinol. As we age, we cannot convert the Ubiquinone so if you are over 30, it is best to buy Ubiquinol.

Since our bodies run on energy, it is essential that you take CoQ 10 supplements. That way you will have abundant energy so your whole body will be healthy and vital.

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