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Healthy Weight Loss with African Mango

Are you looking for a safe and healthy solution to your weight loss problem? African mango is becoming very popular for those needing to shed pounds in a beneficial way. Letís look at the benefits of African mango and how it helps you lose weight.

What is the African Mango?

Also called irvingia gabonensis, this fruit is found in West Africa in the country of Cameroon and its benefits have been known there for centuries. The extract from its seeds, called Dikka seeds, has medicinal benefits and helps people lose weight. Here are four benefits of irvingia gabonensis.

Antioxidants - Antioxidants are in plentiful supply and they are helpful in freeing the body of free radicals that cause damage to cells which ultimately leads to disease. Antioxidants slow the aging process as well.

Detoxes - Detoxing the body is another beneficial component of African mango. It is a very good source of fiber that will help clean the colon and rid your body of toxins.

Cardiovascular Health - In studies, there were significant findings of improved cholesterol levels and reduced blood pressure. There is a hormone called Adiponectin which helps get rid of LDL cholesterol, lipids, triglycerides and other impurities in your blood. These are destroyed on contact and that decreases the risk of heart attack.

Fights Cancer - African Mango also has anti-carcinogenic properties that will help to prevent cancer from even beginning.

How it Works to Shed Pounds

This wonderful fruit will help anyone lose weight. Recent studies are showing amazing results with this product. The average weight loss is 13 pounds a month and this is without a strict diet or exercise.

Here is how it works: 1)One reason for these results is heat generation. African mango promotes the burning of fat because of this property. When your metabolism speeds up, more calories are burned and the result is weight loss. 2)The fiber will help regulate the absorption of glucose and fats. In fact, the absorption of fat is decreased by as much as 6.2 percent. Fiber is also helpful in keeping your appetite under control. 3)Extra toxins in your body create extra fat which leads to obesity. When toxins are flushed out of your body, then there is less stored fat. Taking African Mango Plus is an easy and healthful way to trim your body, boost your immune system, and increase your energy. Each capsule includes 225 mg of green tea leaf extract, 135 mg of ECGC, 200 mg caffeine, 150 mg of African Mango extract, 8 mg of L-theanine, and 75 mcg of chromium.

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