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About the Designer - Camille Jarmusz

About the Designer - Camille Jarmusz
Camille Jarmusz began her Health and Beauty Career as a model promoting Skin Care and Cosmetics in 1988. Her passion for Beauty and Wellness drives her desire to make People look and feel beautiful and Healthy. Her mantra has always been; Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will open.

When her son was born in 2000, he had many allergies and birthmarks. Her pediatrician recommended finding truly pure, all natural and healthy skin care for him. Nothing already on the market that Camille found matched up with the physician's description of what characteristics regarding products that would be best for his sensitive skin. Camille found her German Biochemist and with the physician's recommendations and Camille's sheer determination; together they designed our Dream Skin Care Regime. While testing the products on Allergy Patients of all skin types and ages; our team discovered the many healing attributes comprised in our 4 Step Skin Repair System. "What started out as a Health Care product has been discovered as the World's best Beauty Care Product for Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne, Anti-Inflammation and Pigment Correction," says Camille in her very humble personality. She says, "I am grateful for this very special and unexpected treasure in our skin care products and I feel a real responsibility to make our products available to everyone who we share our planet with. Mankind and Nature have shared their gifts with my family, and I am giving back this healing energy to them allowing the gift to come full circle. I believe in my heart that the cause of the Incredible affect our products have on our skin, is the Radical and Alternative Thinking and Energy that went into the creation of the System plus the continuous Love and Stubborn Attitude that goes into maintaining it's original purity and Glass Bottles to preserve the Amazing Affects of the Certified Organics and Essentials. This is not easy to do in a world that often times thinks only about the bottom line of dollars and cents and most of the time overlooks the true bottom line which is Health and Integrity."

"Welcome to our Healthy living, eco-friendly family. Thank you for sharing our vision for a healthier world. I cherish and admire you as my customer and vow to create only truly healthy, effective and amazing products with integrity and ethics," rejoices Camille in her honest to goodness excitement to always provide products that are truly Unique and Valuable for all of her family, friends and customers.

IMNatural is very excited to be able to share in Camille's vision, and are happy to have the opportunity to share this great product line with you.

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